Tiffany & Co were de rigueur jewellers in the 1920 with lavish modern designs and prominent clients.  F Scott Fitzgerald was a regular customer , even commissioning  pieces to be made for him  so it is no wonder Catherine Martin had just this grand 170 year old company in mind when designing standout pieces for Daisy … Continue reading


Benja Harney held a soiree to celebrate the opening of his first solo exhibition at the NG Art Gallery in Chippendale this week . Using platonic solids to create a textured tapestry of woven paper into arresting monochromatic works , the artist added another dimension to wall art. Simply cased in perspex the pieces look … Continue reading

WABI SABI – an exhibition by GEORGES ANTONI and Co

  Last night I had the pleasure of attending Wabi Sabi, an exhibition by Sydney’s top fashion photographer Georges Antoni in collaboration with 3 Deep, Dimitri Basil, talented collage artist Mason Mulholland, Paula Walden and Paul Gilsenan. The works on display were beautiful – each imbued with a sexuality and strenght that is befitting of … Continue reading


Since I live in Bondi, every time I see the Sculptures by the Sea being set up up on the cliffside, it’s a reminder that summer is just around the corner. This year it holds windmills, mirrors, tightropes, animal hybrids, monoliths and much more. Besides being exhibited in a really beautiful, iconic part of Sydney, … Continue reading

JORDAN ASKILL – the Alchemist

Jordan Askill is an Australian jewellery designer and sculptor who now lives in London. He started his career working as a fashion designer for Ksubi but winning the 1st prize Grand Marnier Design Award for Fashion Excellence saw him move to Paris for 3 years to work for Dior Homme under Hedi Slimane. Discovering his … Continue reading


Benja Harney is one of those people who are so talented that it crosses all borders and ends up in sheer genius. His company Paperform routinely performs incredible feats of paper art but has started dabbling with other materials as well. The beautiful installations, sculptures and  pop up books that this self proclaimed paper engineer … Continue reading


The 2012 Sydney Biennale completely exceeded expectations this year. You can look forward  to seeing outstanding works, intricate detailing and original ideas by many talented artists while remaining beautiful and accessible to all ages. My absolute favourite is an installation , Philip Beesley‘s Hylozoic Series: Sybil (above and below ) , a mind bendingly gorgeous … Continue reading


Who can combine feathers, rhinestones, human hair and tinsel into one psychedelically beautiful dream? Her name is Christian Joy and she did just that as the costume designer for the psycho opera Stop The Virgens. Even as a little girl this Iowa native knew that she wanted more out of life than a typical suburban … Continue reading


Derek Henderson is a Kiwi export who has lived and worked in London and Sydney.His clients have been some of the most prestigious in the fashion industry , including  Mother London, i-D, Arena Homme Plus and Vogue in London and   Publicis Mojo, DDB, The Campaign Palace, Moon and JWT, and fashion magazines such as … Continue reading


Sunday night and I call up my friend to see if he would like to come along to the Opera house to see a play with me. It seems the line is dead for a long while, then a deep sigh comes out. It feels like I am torturing him but an answer comes out … Continue reading