I’m a Croatian raised , Kiwi-Australian who lives in Sydney but loves to travel the world and dreams about a private jet (without the carbon footprint). Obsessive about fabulous fashion,  photography, writing, eating, cooking, my daughter Coco, people, and all the good things in life , I decided to start a new hobby after modelling for 16 years and  having utter confusion over which one of my interests I should pursue as a profession ; the tug of war between my split personalities of frustrated travel writer, stylist , food critic,  photographer and journalist gave birth to My Empirical Life .




I shoot on the awesome Nikon7000 and sometimes on the little point and shoot Canon G1x


CONTACT: tanja@modularpeople.com

4 Responses to “About”
  1. I could read through the lines that your writing is authentically honest and truly based on your own super fun experinces. How does that feel finding your own and only VOICE?


  2. Michael Whitmore says:

    I simply LOVE reading your stories! Your photos and tales transport me to other worlds and I live vicariously through your experiences – so well written and so enjoyable. Love MONA xxx

  3. peter king says:

    love ya work doll xxx

  4. fabliha says:

    You are so beautiful and inspirational. I can’t believe I just found your blog! I remember reading the feature on you and your home in rush and finding you absolutely amazing. I definitely share your love of good food, travel and fashion


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